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Ashok Kumar dubious claims?

Yep, I have been nosing at the censored expenses of the Rt Hon. pondscum, sorry MP's and have picked this one Mr Ashok Kumar; who has been asked to repay £450.

An amount that will hardly dent Mr Kumar's vast wallet, as his ACA(Pdf) shows. In the first month he claimed for £360 cleaning, something he put in quite a few times; bloody hell does he hire in Kim and Aggie? As well as £1200 quid on food.

He claims his council tax back, after all taxes are just for little folk not MP's. He even claims his telly licence as do many MP's, so he is not alone in his theft from out pockets there.

Oh and a claim for linen for £240, a vital resource for MP's I am sure. Also a mysterious £220 on "household goods"

But getting back to his cleaning as he has been putting in claims for £360 cleaning why is it that back in April 2005 he claimed just £30 quid for cleaning? Strange that.

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