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The BBC - Secret keeping, biased, and paranoid.

From Biased BBC, the Balan Report is going to stay locked up and secure from your eyes:
BBC report to stay confidential
The report looked at the BBC's news coverage of the Middle East
A bid to force publication of a review by the BBC of its Middle East coverage has been rejected in the High Court.

London lawyer Steven Sugar wanted the Balen report, which was drawn up in 2004, to be revealed under the Freedom of Information Act.

But Mr Justice Irwin ruled that, as the material was held "for the purposes of journalism, art or literature", the corporation had no duty to disclose it.
The BBC has often been accused of bias against Israel, by hiding this report away they have thrown away a chance to clean house, reform any problems and start again with a clean slate.

Now never you mind that you have to pay for the BBC -even if you choose not to watch it- via the TV poll tax, never mind that that its bloated organisation costs us billions, rigs competitions, spins the news to favour Labour; you have no right to know what is going on in that corporation.

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