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Beheading plot moslems freed for "good behaviour"

Another you could not make it up story:
A GANG of convicted terrorists who plotted to kidnap and behead a British Muslim soldier are back on the streets of Birmingham after being released early from jail.
Hamid Elasmar, from Edgbaston, Zahoor Iqbal, from Kingstanding, and Mohammed Irfan, from Ward End, were all caged less than two years ago.
They had been jailed for between three and seven years after helping to plan the kidnap of a squaddie on Broad Street and behead him “like a pig” in a lock-up garage.
But the men have now been released early for good behaviour.
Parviz Khan, 39, from Alum Rock, is serving 14 years after being jailed last January for masterminding the attempted killing.
Dr Mohammed Naseem, chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque, said he hoped to visit the terror convicts next week to question them about their warped crime.
“If they have planned something like this then they are in the wrong about their Islamic obligations and we would want to re-educate them,” he said.
‘‘We want to understand these men and if the Government wants to tackle terrorism, it should be working more with the community.”
Zahoor Iqbal, 32, was jailed for seven years in February 2008 after he admitted helping Parvis Khan supply equipment – including night vision goggles and bug sweeping devices – and £12,000 to militants in Pakistan for terrorist activities.
The trial judge said Iqbal, who taught part-time at Saltley School, Bordesley Green, “believed he had an obligation to jihad’’.
The amateur cricketer, dubbed “the Terminator” by team-mates at Solihull & Blossomfield Cricket Club, was arrested at his £150,000 home in February 2007.
Elasmar, 46, was jailed for three years and four months last February after pleading guilty to assisting the terror cell. He was freed after serving just FIVE months and is now living on housing benefits in a flat near to Edgbaston Cricket Ground.
Despite his terror conviction, the Morocco-born extremist has not been deported as he has British National status gained when he married his English ex-wife.
During the gang’s trial the court heard how two weeks prior to their arrest they met at Elasmar’s council flat to plot the release of video footage of the planned execution to a terrorist website.
And a security services bug installed in Khan’s home had recorded him telling Elasmar that he intended to parade the dead soldier’s head on a pole.
Khan said: “We give the judgment... we’ll then cut it off like you cut a pig, man.
“Then you put it on a stick. Then we throw the body, burn it, send the video.”
Mohammed Irfan, 33, was jailed for four years after pleading guilty to engaging in conduct with the intention of assisting in the commission of acts of terrorism, namely helping Khan to supply equipment to Pakistan.
His modest terraced home was raided by counter terrorism cops after he took part in discussions about how to kidnap a soldier for their evil plot.
Irfan admitted assisting Khan in supplying equipment to foreign fighters and, when the plot mastermind made his final trip to Pakistan before the gang was arrested, Irfan was seen on CCTV helping him at the airport.
When the Sunday Mercury called at Irfan’s home, we were told by a housemate that he was back living in Ward End, but was working and would not be home for a week.
A fourth accomplice, Basiru Gassama, 32, formerly of Hodge Hill, Birmingham, has also been released after serving less than 18 months for failing to disclose information about the plot.
His role was to identify a Gambian Muslim soldier in the British army who could be lured to the Broad Street area of Birmingham with the promise of drugs, drink and women.
Gassama left the Midlands after his release and is believed to be living in South East England.
The four terrorists remain on a Bank of England watchlist restricting their bank accounts, freezing their assets and imposing caps on any financial transactions.
This is in order to prevent them using funds to supply overseas terror organisations in the future.

New Labour "justice" in action folks.

I doubt very much if a few non moslems had planned to behead a moslem they would be released for "good behaviour" in such a short time; still as happens so often these days its one rule for us and another for the "ethnic minorities"...

2 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

‘‘We want to understand these men and if the Government wants to tackle terrorism, it should be working more with the community.”

No, we do not fucking want to understand the cunts, we just want them to fucking die before they do any harm to anyone.

Fidothedog said...

Yep, time for the moslems to learn fear and respect.