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Blogging news.

A bit of news from across the pond on an attempt to make bloggers more transperant:

The long-running debate over freedom of speech on the internet took a new twist yesterday, when America's most important regulators - the Federal Trade Commission - decided to approve new rules to stop independent bloggers from hiding their links to advertisers.
More accurately, the FTC has put forward a new series of guidelines designed to encourage fair and transparent product reviews online - including an attempt to regulate "payola" on websites and blogs. The possible consequence of breaking those rules? A fine of up to $11,000 (more than £6,800 in real money).
You just know that something similar is going to happen over here, although delayed, messed about, over budget and with an unelected quango head given powers to snoop on one an all via Ripa powers; oh and put in charge of said quango on a pittance of a squillion quid a year.

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