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Encouring people not to smoke in their own homes.

Hat tip to Freedom 2 Choose for this Who points out that the health nazi's are planning to target you in your home next, in order to stop you smoking.

Some beak nosed little snoop called John Tilley from the Department of Health, said:
“Action on smoking in the home will be a necessary part of future strategy on tobacco control. The arrangements and presentations at the conference were of a very high quality and the obvious enthusiasm from the organisers in Lincolnshire was truly impressive."
Look John, its simple, we as taxpayers pay your wages. I assume that as an employee of the NHS your there to stick plasters on folk or otherwise patch people up. However I and the rest of the taxpayers don't pay for you to help the 646 sacks of shyte in The House of Common's dictate fucking policy.

John sounds like the sort of odious little cunt that would make me want to start smoking again, just to blow smoke in the cunts eyes again and again until he runs off crying into his Starbucks coffee. I will add that I gave up the old fashioned way, using fucking willpower, the manly way with no help from the state. No calling helplines for me, it was cold-fucking-turkey.

John seems the sort of weedy little shit who makes that pathetic fucking cough sound whenever someone lights up within a light year of him; accompanied by the waving of arms like some spastic windmill and looking like a complete twat into the bargain.

Odds on this fucker was the school snitch who went a running to teacher at each and every opportunity, unable to stand up for himself he relied on his position of school grass to keep himself safe. Strange how these fuckers always end up working for the state as what is laughingly called "public service" and yet see themselves as some sort of state regulators.

I do hope a hardened smoker coughs up a lung an a good half ton of mucus all over his face.

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