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EU brainwashing for the children.

The EU are looking to control what people think and what better way than by ensuring the next generation think the "correct way", the EU way and no other way.

Take a look at the latest zany idea from Portuguese MEP Mario David who is calling on national governments to indoctrinate children into being good EU citizens by way of compulsory classes in the workings and history of the EU.

"Knowing and understanding, from a young age, the principles, the procedures and the successful history of the European Union, the generations of tomorrow will be immune to any distortion of the perception of the role of the EU and will much better embrace the advantages of this unique project of voluntary sharing of sovereignty."

He said the curriculum would initially include a series of five half-day seminars on the history of the union.
It would cover the "Founding Fathers", the different treaties, enlargement, EU functions, the role of the union in the world and "How the EU affects everyday lives".

However, the idea of the seminars was suggested "to soften the idea," according to Mr David, who was a medical doctor before entering politics.

"I'm no education specialist. If they want to turn the idea into a full year-long course, so much the better," he added.

Mr David said he wanted to get cross-party support for his plans and hoped it would take less than two years to get EU studies into schools.

He plans to present a report to the parliament calling on the commission to develop a detailed proposal, which would then have to be adopted by the member states.

I wonder if they will cover the fact that the accounts in the EU have not been signed off for years due to corruption on such a level that even the most dubious of accountants would not touch them, of systematic abuse of its powers, of abuse of whistle blowers and the widespread graft and sleaze? Probably not.

5 people have spoken:

Dark Lochnagar said...

Christ, they don't get that long on British History!

Fidothedog said...

British history is split into two parts:
1 - The evils of the British Empire.
2 - How immigrants have benefited the EU and civilized the xenophobic British.

Barking Spider said...

It gets more like the fucking Soviet Union here with each day that passes!

banned said...

There is nothing at all new about the EC/EEC/EU using schools to indoctrinate the young ( with the willing conivance of teachers ).

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they should teach them about the missing trillions in the EU accounts.