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Free taxis for drunks.

You got to love the joined up thinking of local government, first off they do all they can with petty regulations to kill the pub trade, forgetting that the very taxes raised by those buisnesses pay for all the bin police, eco crime reporters, curtain twitchers and transport managers on half a squillion quid a year; then they announce that they will give drunks a free ride home:

The taxis will be provided late on Friday and Saturday nights in a bid to cut anti-social behaviour.

Councillors in Watton, Norfolk agreed a £350 grant for a three-month trial of the plan, devised by Norfolk Police Safer Neighbourhood Team. Police have asked town taxi firm Ann's Cars to do three runs a night from 11.30pm to 2am, but admit they have no idea how much it will cost.

Sgt Lance Ogbourne said :"The aim is to catch people who would normally walk home. These people can cause criminal damage."

A Taxpayers' Alliance spokesman said: "This is not policing. It's molly-coddling at the expense of the taxpayers. If someone gets drunk it is their responsibility to find their own way home."

A complete waste of space, time and money, it fails to promote safe drinkingin any way instead says to the chavs that if they get pissed the taxpayers will pay for a free ride home. As for this member of the police force saying they can cause criminal damage, well is that not why we have a police force? There to be seen on the streets, rather than filling in diversity forms back at the station?

I can remember the day before the police seemed to morph into new age councillors, that they would offer drunks a free ride in the back of the paddy wagon to the station before being charged/questioned in the morning and kicked out with a hangover to find their own way home.

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