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Harridan Harperson

Harridan Harperson, sorry Harriet Harman faced accusations of resorting to smears today as she launched a bizarre 'class war' attack on the Tories.

Labour's deputy leader suggested the Conservatives idea of 'diversity' was fox-hunting, opening sleazy lap-dancing parlours and making women serve drinks in private members' clubs.

This is the woman who just before the MPs’ expenses scandal broke and whilst the media was focused on the large pension of Sir Fred Goodwin’s and Harperson was the subject of much talk on her alledged plotting to replace PM McSnotty; she famously suggested that Mr Goodwin’s pension would not happen - this was a pension agreed as part of a banking deal that involved government - because the Prime Minister did not want it to happen.

Then we had her famous gaff  about the court of public opinion deciding Fred Goodwin’s pension.
The sum was unacceptable in "the court of public opinion," she told the BBC, and the government "would step in".
Yet no court of public opinion on hauling MP's out of their 2nd homes and stringing them up, no court of public opinion on a vote for Europe that we were promised by Labour, no court of public opinion on McSnotty rule of the UK, no court of public opinion on Iraq, no court of public opinion on tax rises, no court of public opinion on aid to a Libyan dictator, no court of public opinion on the smoking ban.

She also risked criticism for using 'dirty tricks' by making a thinly-veiled reference to embarrassing photographs of Shadow Chancellor George Osborne with a prostitute..

She also stated to the conference hall that Labour would not be "bullied" by The Sun which switched its support from Labour to the Tories, in Harridan's strange champagne socialist world bullying is when a paper uses the right of free speech to not support the Labour party as it has done for the last twelve years. I guess MP's flipping is fine by when papers do it that is bullying?!

More Harperson on The Sun: "Let's face it, the nearest their political analysis gets to women's rights is Page 3's news in briefs."
Gosh really? Might I ask that as you are so very very in favour of womens rights, why it is that you have not said a single word, no a peep has been uttered by you on the The Sun's sexist policies, nothing in all the years when Labour was more than happy to slurp away on Rupert Murdocks tool? Strange that.

a scolding, vicious woman; hag; shrew.

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