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Lazy council binmen.

Yes I know I called them binmen, a sexist term under New Labour. They are all now called "waste recycling operatives" or some such eco tree hugging nonsense.

But what they really are, is lazy fuckers who are incapable of putting a bin back where they found it after emptying the sodding thing.

That was not the only one left like that, yes I helped put them back along with many of the rather irate locals who had many a choice word to say about the poor service provided by the binmen, sorry waste recycling operatives.

There you go parked right in the middle of the fucking pavement.


5 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

When i was i kid in the early 70´s the good old binmen were a mix of autistic and remedial fellas who worked like trojans lifting tin dustbins on the shoulder full of all sorts of shit and heaving the things in the back of the wagon and it was a pleasure too see as kid and when they´d finished it was placed with lid up
remember the token chimpanzee and other parafanalia on the front grill
hse fucking cunts

Fidothedog said...

An I ended up putting over a dozen bins back in the driveway, helping one old chap who had moved his bin back each couple of weeks for the last few months.

So put a complaint via e-mail in an popped em a link to my post as well.

banned said...

Mr. Voice, you are self-evidently guilty of photographing Council Property in a Public Place ( ie green wheelie bin ) contrary to Community Cohesion Directorate Statement #428.
As you will know, were I to inform the Council of this heinous behaviour they would confiscate your wife and children but you can avoid this by meeting me in the Dog & Duck, 8pm, Monday and rewarding me with fifty quid.

A Concerned Resident.

All Seeing Eye said...

Only one bin? For efficient recycling shouldn't there be colour coded and microchipped ones to seperate empty vodka bottles from microwave meal containers and from stuck together porno mags? Apparently there are other types of bins too but I've never needed those.

Makes no odds, though, they all get mixed together at the landfill anyway.

Fidothedog said...

We have other bins as well, I just snapped the nice green one, as opposed to the vomit orange/red ones and the blue ones.