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Lazy hack bastards.

You know how it go's a four hour lunch then the bastard of a boss tells you that the story is overdue and you have to get it finished in the next hour.

So you scour the interweb and see a bit you can use, a quick copy an paste an its job done. Simple, who the hell is ever going to know? So the lazy hack then can get back to the important things like ordering his/her fourteenth double brandy before doing a story tomorrow on how shocking "binge drinking" is destroying the moral fabric of the youth.

I mean its not like anyone is going to complain? An so over to Rab:

This time the Sunday Mail saw fit to lift part of my 'Blatant racism at the BBC' post and insert it into this article.
It must be very simple to be a tabloid journalist these days. The wonder of google makes the cobbling together of stories easy and quick.
However, I would like to point out this and in particular the following part,
Non-CommercialYou may not use this work for commercial purposes.
Yes, I know that in legal terms it really means nothing. But here in the blogosphere we have a few unwritten rules/understandings. Any blogger can lift anything from any other site and use it provided an acknowledgement is used.
The fact that a newspaper lifted and printed my words, to help it make money, sticks in my throat a bit. Even an E mail from them beforehand would have been nice and I probably wouldn't have bothered provided it was used within context.

I wonder if the hack will be contacting Rab when he/she sobers up in the morning?

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