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Lord Fondlebum the champagne socialist.

Peter Mandelson spotted wearing a £21,000 quid watch whilst talking to the Labour faithful about poverty. If ever there was a definition of champagne socialism in action then this is it. How nice to see such a hardened socialism enjoying his peerage and draping himself in such lovely bourgois trinkets?

More champagne anyone?

Wikipedia has this to say on champagne socialists:
The label arose from the perceived activity of proposing toasts to famous socialists with champagne. A similar concept, with aristocracy in place of capitalism, comes from the 19th-century philosopher Alexander Herzen, who in From the Other Shore (1855) wrote "It is they, none other, who are dying of cold and hunger...while you and I in our rooms on the first floor are chatting about socialism 'over pastry and champagne.'"

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