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Lord Justice Sedley needs to go for a rest.

This lunacy is beyond parody, like something from a Monty Python skit but sadly it shows why the UK has descended into a crime ridden hell hole with utter arseholes like Lord Justice Sedley in the legal system.

Magistrates have been told to hammer litterers with big fines because environmental crimes are 'arguably the gravest of all problems' facing Britain.

Yep according to Sedley, murder, rape, and violence are a lesser matter than dreaded eco-crimes.

Guidelines endorsed by a leading judge say courts should take a role 'equal to Greenpeace' in saving the environment and fighting against pollution and waste.

They propose a fine of £600 for an offence such as not taking home rubbish created by a party at a village hall - more than double the average fine for assault - while dog foulers should be hit with £150 fines, according to the Magistrates' Association document.

In the foreword to the manual, Lord Justice Sedley writes: 'The despoliation of the environment is arguably the gravest of all the problems we are going to hand on to our children and grandchildren.

Sadly, we the great unwashed mass of plebs and proles have no say in the election of Judges who spout such dire arsewater.

Maybe if Sedley ever has to pay a visit to an A&E department on Friday night, or see as I did years ago when I worked in a Nightclub a chap slashed across the face with a knife; he might care to explain to the victims of such violent crime how litter is worse than having their face put back together.

Somehow I think their actions towards Sedley might see them hauled up before another justice for assault on his good person.

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