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The madness that is 12+ years of New Labour socialism.

New Labour have expanded the state to look into every aspect of our lives, to judge and fine us if we do not comply with ever more strange rules:

First up, are you happy at work? Well don't sing as that will need a licence!
Music police have told a grandmother to stop singing behind the counter of the corner shop where she works - or pay for a licence.
Sandra Burt began serenading customers at the A & T Food Store in Clackmannan, near Stirling, after the owners were contacted by The Performing Right Society and told they would have to pay an £80 annual fee to keep the radio on in the shop.
They decided not to bother and now 56-year-old Sandra sings tracks 'from anyone from The Noisettes, to the Rolling Stones' as she stocks the shelves and weighs customers' purchases.
Next up, if your property is damaged and the council refuses to act, unless you pay them don't dare take matters into your own hands:
A fed up homeowner has set up a mock speed camera in his front garden to slow down reckless motorists, after an uninsured driver ploughed into his garden wall.
But Tony Allen, 60, was shocked to discover he could face legal action if the camera causes a distracted motorist to crash.
Mr Allen, of Moulton Seas End, Lincolnshire, took matters into his own hands after the accident in his front garden last year, which caused £3,500 damage.
Then we have yet more howling at the moon judges who side with parasitic pikey scum:
A High Court judge caused outrage today after ruling a group of travellers who illegally developed greenbelt land over a Bank Holiday weekend had not acted in a 'cynical or ruthless' way.
Mr Justice Stadlen said the six families - who exploited the long Easter break to lay down 1,000 tonnes of hardcore and Tarmac roads while council officials who could have intervened were off work - had the 'best intentions to comply with planning law'.
The comments were made at a hearing where the judge rejected a council's application to evict the travellers from the village of Blackmore in Essex.
Oh and farmers can not keep cows in the dark, as its against their human rights.
A farmer has been fined £150 - for keeping his cows in the dark.
Ronald Norcliffe, 65, failed to meet the 'psychological and ethological' needs of the animals, magistrates were told.
Under animal welfare rules farmers have to provide suitable shelter with either natural or electric lighting for livestock during winter.
But Mr Norcliffe, a farmer for more than 30 years, has no electricity on his smallholding in Scammonden, West Yorkshire.
Ye Gods, lunacy, the country is mad. They say a fish rots from the head down, well our PM is a mad, insane, howling at the moon fuckwit, loaded on pills to control his mood swings. Explains a lot when you get down to it.

A vote for Labour filth is a vote for yet more of this nonsense.

2 people have spoken:

Brew Wales said...

The cows story does not surprise me, I know of a case where a mirror had to be placed in a barn so the calf did not think it was alone!

banned said...

Camera, "But police have warned Mr Allen that he could face legal action if a motorist should crash and claim that the fake camera was a distraction." Ha ! An admission that speed cameras are a distraction and can cause crashes. I'm surprised that Gatso are not sueing him for 'passing off'.

Farmer. Living abogve the animals has been part of the human condition since Adam and Eve and did the lawyer not point out that IT GETS DARK IN WINTER. God did it, he is to blame.