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MP's planning to keep on stealing our money.

The filth in the House of Commons, that laughingly call themselves MP's are planning on a little ploy to get around the planned tightening of rules on expenses.

Currently an MP can employ their wife for a cushy taxpayer funded salary as some sort of assistant; they don't actually have to do any real work other than maybe answering the phone now and then and even the most inbred dribbling retard of an MP's wife can land a stinking great salary on top of what hubby steals from the taxpayer.

Best laugh is that we pay for them, no matter how fucking poor the MP's service to the voters is, well now this perk is threatened the scum are planning on doing a wife swap.
The wives, husbands and other family members currently employed at the tax-payers' expense plan to apply for jobs with other MPs as a way of dodging the guidelines expected to be recommended by Sir Christopher Kelly next month.
Sir Christopher, the chairman of the committee on standards in public life, has been tasked with drawing up tough new rules to stop MPs abusing their allowances and expenses after the Daily Telegraph exposed widespread wrong-doing earlier this year.
Scum, pure filth each and every one of them.

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