The National Debt Clock.

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The nation is skint, Cyclops flogs off the remaining assets.

The BBC report that:
"Gordon "Cyclops" Brown is to announce the sale of £16bn-worth of assets by the government in a bid to shore up public finances.

The prime minister will give details of initial sales that could raise £3bn - including the Tote, the Dartford crossing and the student loan book. "
You know it is all going to end in tears, ours not Gordon's as he has his pension and homes all bought an paid for by us.

Like some drunk who has pissed away his months wages, been sacked by his boss and in some mad booze fuelled haze has gone mad on the plastic maxing out all the credit cards, Gordon is looking for things to sell off.

Sadly our national debt is such that even if Gordon makes £16 billion as the BBC report, like the drunk flogging off shit at the car boot sale he won't clear enough to keep up the monthly payments on the credit cards.

£60 billion a year is going to service debt, thats over £6000 quid a second, every second of the day. Yet Gordon like the drunk, both unable to change their behaviour, he takes his last money an wanders into the local JD Wetherscum for a last blowout booze up before the bailiffs turn up.

It might also be worth pointing out that I feel that the assets belong to the nation, that they have been paid for by us all, should belong to us all and not flogged off on the cheap.

Had we actually had a prudent Chancellor and a prudent PM we would not be reduced to taking our possessions out to be sold off in Cash Generator on the cheap.

Time for the piano wire noose and for us to clean house of corrupt, inept politicians.

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