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New Labour tell you to be a victim and suck it.

If you are robbed, attacked, raped or otherwise have your person and/or property attacked; no matter what do not attempt to defend your chattels or person else we shall charge you with murder.

No matter what the elected cunts, er MP's talk about your right to defend yourself and your property, they will do nothing and hang you out to dry.

That is all. Know your place, you are victims, you shall remain victims, you have no rights.

**On a private note I hope the feral little cunt who died suffered extreme fucking agony on his way out and I hope if there is an afterlife the cunt suffers an eternity of pain and misery.

Oh and should I ever pass his grave I would consider it a great pleasure to empty my bladder over it.

5 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

I would consider it a great pleasure to empty my bladder over it.

You'll have to hurry, as I would like to place a steaming dump on Tyler Juett's final resting place without you weeing on me. I'm not into that.

Tyler Juett deserved to die. If there was - say - a 1/100 chance that he'd commit a crime that would hurt or kill someone else, is that too high a price to pay? He was never going to cure cancer. As a Bulwell solja (sic) the chances are that he'd have been a burden to society for the rest of his life.

Rot in Hell, Burwell solja. I MSS U M8

One down, about another million to go.

Fidothedog said...

Make his grave a national piss pot I say.

banned said...

Let's hope the survivor joins his brothers rotting corpse in hell, someday soon.

Too nasty ? Fuck off liberal nonce.

Fidothedog said...

Pair of thieving cunts, thankfully one is dead.

Anonymous said...

If Labour is saying we must take all the guff when attacked and not fight back or else be accused of being murderers - then does that imply I can swagger down the street blowing smoke-rings out my mouth and nose now and into the most local pub - and should anyone raise a hand or complain then they shall be the criminal, not myself, seeing as role models have apparently been reversed under Labour?

Perhaps I should give it a go since I would enjoy a good pint with a fag since the ban's been installed and it would test the authorities to see if they can be held true to their stated policy as evidenced by the reversal of stance in the case of self-defense.