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Pasha Blair - The Emperor's perks.

Should Ireland vote yes on Lisbon, our former grinning PM and New Labour buffoon has the job as Emperor of the EU, EU President.
Tony Blair will enjoy a massive salary, limitless expenses and a chauffeur-driven limousine should he becomes EU president after an Irish yes vote in today's Lisbon Treaty referendum.
The Irish were this afternoon forecast to approve the widely despised document by a margin of 60-65 per cent, paving the way for the former prime minister's return to frontline politics as early as the end of the month.
The role not only comes with a huge amount of power but a string of benefits, on top of a salary expected to be around £275,000.
In theory, the EU is a democracy and Tony's job will just be that as its head. However, rather than just being the first among equals the primus inter pares if you will. He will in fact be more of an emperor in everything but name due to the vast amount of power that go's along with the job.

Like with emperors of days gone by, the voters will also have no power to choose or remove the EU president. Instead, the top job will be selected by members of the Imperial Senate and/or Praetorian Guard, the EU leaders.

The precise role of the EU Emperor/president has not been laid out but they will be empowered to sign treaties and trade agreements affecting almost 500million citizens.

With this new role, Blair will be in a position to outrank the other provincial governors heads of government in the EU.

So a figurehead at the top, who has vast wealth, vast power and able to affect the lifes of millions of ordinary people whilst they have no say as to his election or removal. An emperor in everything but name, if it walks like a duck, looks like one and go's quack there is a good chance it is in fact a duck.

I wonder if elected if Blair will be clad in the togae purpurae, will he be addressed as Nobilissimus Caesar? 

All Hail Caesar Blair.
Pic from Gigits

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