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Rise in gun crime & rape in London, Labour crime policies fail.

The news is so bad that even BBC Pravda can not avoid reporting it.
Gun crime in London has risen by 17% over the past year and there was a 20% rise in rapes, police figures revealed.

Oh and burglaries have risen by 9.8% to 29,448.

That's just the reported crimes, no doubt the real figure is even higher.

A vote for Labour is vote for higher crime on the streets. Even the former Home Sec. Jacqui Smith was scared of walking alone in London.

What hope have the rest of us got, when the woman who was in charge admitted that, then spend her time fiddling her expenses rather than solving crime.

3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

much of this crime is imported, Fuck ZaNuLab and multiculturism

banned said...

So why do they keep on and on about how crime is falling ( even though we know that they are lying, obviously ) ?

Fidothedog said...

Politicians lying? Never.