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Shat West, sorry Nat West get back to me.

After much fun and games with my rather poor bank Nat West, I closed my account yesterday and opened up a new account with another bank. Giving them my home insurance, which Nat West also lost out on.

I emailed the bank on Tuesday advising that they had till Friday(morning) to get back to me, as they failed to do so I closed my account and get this; they e-mailed me this morning:

Dear Mr Goddard

Thank you for your email.

I am sorry for any upset or inconvenience we may have caused you.

If you can provide me with further details of the unit you spoke
with or the names of any members of staff, I will ensure the matter is


Amy Burgess
Customer Relations

So I emailed them back this:

It is a mute point now, as I emailed on Tuesday and advised that had I not heard back by Friday morning- and I also requested that someone call me back if at all possible - that I would be closing my account.

This I did yesterday morning, so in the last month you have lost me as both a customer of your home insurance and now I have taken my banking business elsewhere.

Please be advised that as I wasted some 4 hours of my day -on Tuesday - dealing with assorted poorly trained staff in both the Newport branch and also in your call centres, I find your staffs lack of help, poor empathy skills, inability to make a decision appalling. Also many of your staff need a few extra training lessons on projecting a correct tone and inflection of their voice to customers as they came across as not bothered in any way shape or form.

Lastly as I worked some years back on a customer care department, I used to turn around a complaint - even if only to acknowledge it by e-mail with 2 days - and gave your bank from Tuesday to Friday morning, a total of 3 days plus. So you have failed on that point as well.

Please take these points on board and I hope you will manage to improve your rather shoddy service, I for one have now moved to a better bank.


So there you go, not a bank I can recommend to anyone, ever. Unless you need a bank to make a complete pigs ear of the most basic of things.
**They have a charge of £28 which they stated will be going on the account at the end of this month, as I have closed the account, they can suck my sweaty balls for the cash.

Update Damon Lord has also been getting some rather shoddy service from Nat West.

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