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Snooper state Britain: Malcolm Dike question over taking photos.

Here we go again, more state snooping on law abiding citizens
A photographer harmlessly snapping a sunset from his window was quizzed by police who feared he may be taking pictures of children.
Two Community Support Officers grilled Malcolm Dike, whose home overlooks a youth centre, over his pictures.
Ah PCSO's the plastic plod! David Blunkett's fake coppers, which are about as much use as tits on a fucking bull.
Mr Dike, 58, said he was made to feel like a criminal after a member of the public reported him.
He was standing at the upstairs window of his home in Arle, Cheltenham, trying to capture the view when he was spotted.
he following day, two PCSOs arrived at his doorstep and asked what he had been doing..
The answer to that is fuck off you state penclip wielding cunts, none of your fucking business what so fucking ever, so fuck the fuck off.
He said: 'It was absolutely outrageous - I have been taking photos for years and never had any problems before.
'My home overlooks the Oasis Youth Centre and apparently whoever complained was afraid I might have been taking photos of the children.
'That was completely untrue, of course, but the police have no right to come round here asking questions anyway.
Indeed, they were however not the police. PCSO's are fake police with no actual powers of arrest and of no use to anyone what so fucking ever.
'I know my photography law and if I am stood in my own home, I can take pictures freely - it's not easy to take a photo of a sunset and Monday was a particularly good one.'
Gloucestershire police said they were was unable to confirm who had complained about Mr Dike.
A spokeswoman said: 'I can confirm we received a call from a member of the public at 7.15pm on Monday last week saying they were concerned because they had seen a man taking pictures within the vicinity of the youth club.
'We went round to have word with the man and were satisfied his motives were legitimate.'
I would just like to add that the cunt who reported a fellow citizen should do the gene pool a favour and open his wrists with a blunt razorblade; the cunt.

Maybe the PCSO's should read the Home Office statements reaffirming the public’s right to take photos.

yet again I shall repost this handy guide to your rights with regards taking snaps in a public place:
Some examples of one off incidents:You can't photograph kids else we shall think your a pedo. Plus the usual coming down on touristsschoolboys and passers-by all subject to state cock waving on the part of over zealous officials for carrying out a legal activity. Oh and here is an example of some dickheads throwing their weight about.  Hell even park keepers are at it.

2 people have spoken:

twist_the_knife said...

That was my uncle that that happened to. It's fucking ridiculous that people react to things like this now. Everyone is a 'suspect' of something or other to someone else. And yes I agree PCSO's are about as useful as tits on a bull haha

Fidothedog said...

The way to deal with the police/pcso's is passive non cooperation.

Refuse to answer any an all questions, just tell them no comment. Then if arrested keep quiet until you get a duty solicitor.