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Union boss Jack Jones traitor, worked for the KGB

The Mail has a story on union boss who it is claimed sold out to the KGB: ... points to the treachery of both Jones and his radical feminist wife, Evelyn, who was a dyed-in-the-wool Communist.
We have talked to former Soviet agents in London and in Moscow, and have been told three files, of 300 pages each, detailing his deception over half a century now lie in the KGB archive in Moscow.
But Russia never gave up on Jack Jones. It was just a month before the 1983 General Election - which would see Margaret Thatcher winning a second term, with the biggest landslide for any political party since Labour in 1945 - when Gordievsky received the famous coded telegram from Moscow ordering him to see Jones again.

They met in the Fulham Road. Jack, with Evelyn in a smart dress on his arm, was wearing his trademark flat cap.

'I remember he led me to an Italian restaurant about 40 yards off the main road. On the way, I pointed to a pub and suggested we stopped there to eat.

But Jack said that we must go to a nicer place. He gave me a brochure of trades' union leaders, and we talked about the election and what it would mean for socialism and Labour.

'When I said goodbye, I gave him £200. He looked pleased. He obviously had no scruples about taking the money.

'I saw from the files that he'd been taking money from the KGB for 35 to 40 years.'

I wonder how many more union officials have been adding to their pay by taking a large bung from the former USSR and how many vile Labour scum MP's are in the pay of other powers like the EU?

A check of Jacks Wikipedia page shows he was seriously wounded at the Battle of Ebro in 1938, a shame the bullet missed the fucking traitors skull.

Needless to say the left wing, commie filled BBC has not as yet covered this story on the news.

2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

My father told me many years ago that during WW2 stikes were commonplace,even in coal mines spitfire factories etc whilst Germany had a pact with the USSR (the holy land). As soon as Hitler attacked the USSR industrial "action" ceased overnight. I would love to be able to verify that.

Blind Steve said...

While I agree the beeb is stacked out with weapons grade cunts, I heard this story covered on the PM program earlier in the week.

He should of course now be prosecuted. he won't be though, will he, just like Vic 'stasi bitch' Allen.