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Ye Gods, can McSnotty not answer even a simple question?

Bloody hell, I have a particular hatred of ditherers. You know the sort of dim witted, slack jawed wanker who takes an eternity to decide the most simple of things, tea or coffee is a dilemma of World shattering importance to them.

They clog up the routes in supermarkets unable to decide on what brand of cornflakes to pick up, no matter if they get the same one each bloody week. Drive shop assistants the world over to the point of committing murder or suicide.

Oh and we have one as Prime Minister.

Here's the exchange on West Yorkshire's Real Radio station:
Presenter: "You're a big rugby man. What's your code, league or union?"
Brown: "You know, the funny thing is, I think rugby union is more and more like rugby league. The speed at which rugby league moves...and I have always enjoyed watching it because of the speed is now being repeated in rugby union and the games are looking more similar than they ever did".

Oh for fucks sake, it makes not a fuck of difference. But no Brown has to dither, and in saying that the one sport is like the other shows a complete sodding ignorance of the rules of either game.

Still like a classic ditherer he finds being put on the spot as difficult as an average person on the street being asked to help out with a spot of rocket science. Rugby aside lets pose another question to the mono eye'd PM, like say his favourite type of biscuit.

Not difficult really is it? Well until you see the dithering of Brown.
Participants speculated that it might be Garibaldi or Nice. Another asked whether he dunked.
Despite desperate appeals for an answer before his hour-long appearance on the forum came to an end, Mr Brown left without addressing the issue.
Ye gods. Its not as if he was asked a complex question is it. He took his good time in finally making a decision.

Now we have calls for Brown to make a decision on a leaders debate, if it took him over a day to decide on his favourite nibble with his tea, or is it coffee; then who know how long it will be before the PM gets around to deciding?

Their is a bit on his dithering over this at Paul Owen's blog. That was posted in September, we are in October and still no firm decision from the ditherer.

Now he is claiming he had doubts over 24 hour drinking, or did he?

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