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Baroness Whitaker, another troughing Labour slag.

Baroness Whitaker nets £150,000 in cottage expenses and I am sure she will bleat long an hard about how deserving she is of every penny of our money.
A Labour baroness has received £150,000 in expenses by renting a country cottage from a Conservative colleague in the Lords and saying it was her main home.
For seven years Baroness Whitaker, a former civil servant, rented the property which is on a driveway leading to Lord Renton’s mansion in the Sussex Downs.
Renton, the former Tory chief whip, only occasionally claims overnight expenses when he has to live in London to attend the House of Lords.
Whitaker has been claiming more than £20,000 a year even though she owns — rather than rents — a £1.5m property in an area of north London where she has lived since the 1960s.
Thieving grasping fuck.

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