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Darwinism in action.

Evolution always finds a way to remove the failures:
Calls to ban cyclists from listening to music intensified as the number of riders killed or seriously injured continues to rise.
Dubbed the iPod zombies, cyclists who are distracted by thumping tunes blaring in their ears have become the latest menace on Britain’s roads.
Road safety campaigners fear the fashion for cyclists to wear earphones on crowded streets is partly responsible for the recent upsurge in injuries and deaths.
As for the call to ban listening to music, it is a bit pointless as when squashed by a HGV worrying about the law is the least of their problems.

Also there are currently a series of adverts on the TV telling us to register our organs in the event of our death due to the large numbers of people in need of organ transplants, so maybe we should be encouraging more cyclists to listen to music?

Just sayin' is all.

4 people have spoken:

Unknown said...

I hate fuckin' cyclists.

Wish I could afford to run a Hummer then I could squash the smug bastards while causing maximum vehicle polution at the same time. - heaven.

Barking Spider said...

Pity evolution hasn't found a way to get rid of socialists, yet!

Fidothedog said...

Pete, come on have a heart or rather don't squash them totally so that some poor sod in need can have their heart.

banned said...

I do enjoy calling out "bad cyclist !" whenever I see them doing something stupid; I know it pisses them off from the angry glares they satisfyingly give me.