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Job vacancy: £80K a year plus free snot.

The Mail points out that no one wants to work for Mc'Snotty:
"The Prime Minister’s attempt to boost his image suffered a humiliating blow last night after it was disclosed that he struggled to find anyone to take on a plum post as an £80,000-a-year Downing Street spin-doctor.

A senior aide to David Miliband, favourite to succeed Gordon Brown as Labour leader, turned down the job, saying his loyalty was to the Foreign Secretary.

And the political editor of a national newspaper also turned down the post – despite a personal plea by the Prime Minister to work for him."
Understandable, when Gordon go's and go he will come election day their future prospects will be blighted by having worked for the bad tempered, mad as a box of shaken snakes, phone throwing, nose picking, lying Scot.

2 people have spoken:

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

LV anyone taking that job would need a kevlar burkha, there must be an IED somewhere with the name Snotmunching Goon printed in the plastique!!!

banned said...

Oi Gordon, gissa job, on the other hand...