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John Bercow as sneaky as the previous speaker. post 2.

Labour Conservative MP John Bercow took the job of Speaker in the House of Commons on the promise that he would be a "reforming Speaker."
The grace-and-favour apartment of Speaker John Bercow has been refurbished at a cost of more than £45,000 to the taxpayer since he took up the post in June. This is more than double the £20,000 which Mr Bercow initially said he was spending to make his official residence suitable for a family with three young children. Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, obtained by the Daily Telegraph, showed Mr Bercow's wife Sally gave detailed instructions on the revamp of the historic apartment beneath Big Ben in the Palace of Westminster.
So, guess John had his fingers crossed whilst promising reform. Vote em' all out on election day. I knew this guy could not be trusted why my local shit stain of an MP Paul Flynn came out praising Bercow.

After all with this Tory tosspot at the helm all the MP's can carry on claiming, grafting and stealing. The Bercows, corrupt little shits.

5 people have spoken:

Curmudgeon said...

Further reason to vote for Farage against Bercow come General Election day.

Oldrightie said...

If Farage were to beat the little runt it would be a ray of sunshine in the murky place from which we are constantly pillaged. Mind you won't she have another six little buggers to house as well as Dozy?

Brew Wales said...

The cost of the works are not that suprising - cleaning the piss and puke stained carpets after Gorballs Mick wrecked the place, getting rid of the empty cans of Special Brew and broken bottles of Buckfast not to mention the half eaten haggis in the desk draw.
Look on the bright side, at least Big Ben will be keeping his kids awake during the night.

Fidothedog said...

Brew Wales said at least Big Ben will be keeping his kids awake during the night.

Until after a sleepless night Mrs Bercunt tells Mr to get a claim in for uber-strong double glazing and guess who will be paying for that?...

baalhadad said...

This story isn't new though. The telegraph first reported this on August 5th, yet at the time most people accepted that these costs were reasonable.