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Keith Vaz - Attends a wedding.

hat tip to Lobbydog for this one. I love his headline on this non story.

The slithery little Vaz attended the wedding of Bollywood star and Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty, a woman famous here in the UK only for getting into a spat with Jade Goody on a chavscum telly program.

But get the odious Vaz who said:
 “Most of their famous friends were due to be at the reception, but I was invited to the wedding.
“I think I was the most famous person there! But there were masses of photographers outside.”
Mr Vaz, now available for weddings, funerals, Bar Mitzvah's, store openings, social events and in fact anything that will get Mr Vaz a few lines in the papers and some valuable telly time.

I understand that in his spare time, when not going to the opening of an eyelid and fawning over the media Keith is also an MP in the House of Commons.

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