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MP vermin may escape reform.

A dof of the cap to All Seeing Eye who pointed out this gem:
Prof Sir Ian Kennedy, head of the new body charged with rewriting the rules on MPs' expenses, has been quoted as saying he had "no obligation" to accept everything that Sir Christopher Kelly has suggested.
So who knows, MP's may well keep their cushy taxpayer funded 2nd homes, keep on employing their dribbling retarded offspring as advisors, their web fingered restricted gene pool wives as "support staff".

They will keep on boozing in the subsidized bars(Yes it really is true that MP's can not actually organise a piss up in a brewery) in Westminster that we fund, all the while putting on taxes on your pint and calling for more restrictions on your drinking.

They will keep on eating like the pigs they are with the £400 a month food allowance we give them all the while talking down to us about how we should eat healthier.

They will keep on claiming for "cleaning" although I am not sure if cleaning is an MP code word for "rent boy" or other worker in the sex trade?

They will keep on talking about representing the working man an woman, whilst paying none of the bills those working men and women pay. Ask yourself this how can an MP(average wage £64 grand) understand your struggle when they don't pay utility bills but instead get you to pay them. Electric, gas, water, TV licence, community charge they almost all claim them back.

In every real term they pay less tax than a worker on £200 a week.

Click on this link then find your MP, then look for their Additional Cost Allowance. Its a PDF and have a look and see where your taxes have gone. Book cases, gardening, home insurance, ground rents the list is sodding endless.

Finally The Eye points out that . .Kennedy, a good friend of Alistair Campbell, was given his knighthood by Tony Blair. Goodnight Vienna has more.

**I should issue an apology here, I referred to MP's as pigs in this post, any self respecting pig would quite rightly be annoyed at being compared to the vile and amoral filth that passes for our MP's. 
Sorry pigs. 

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