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New Labour now say youth's should be called 'young persons'

Yet more proof, if it were needed that government has gone mad:
It is not a word usually associated with causing offence, even when those referred to have broken the law.
But 'youth' has been banned from guidelines on the treatment of criminals aged 16 and 17 - because ministers think it is too demeaning.
Instead, offenders must be referred to as 'young persons' in the latest code for prosecutors. The newly fashionable phrase is used 101 times in the document.

So my calling them feral little ratboy fuckwits in need of a bloody good kicking, I can but assume is slightly out of favour with current government guidelines?...

3 people have spoken:

Trident said...

In answer to your question - Yes, but much more accurate in many cases.

Can we stop playing semantics? It doesn't change anything of value - as someone once pointed out "semantics is shit".

Anonymous said...

Very true but semantics is all this government has managed to do. Reword this, rebrand that but at vast cost to us all.

banned said...

They need calling " you little shit ".