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Peter White a typical example of New Labour.

I see that BBC Pravda are mentioning that:
A Labour election candidate faces disciplinary action after describing the Queen as a "parasite" and "vermin".
Peter White, who is seeking election to Havering Borough Council in east London, wrote the comments on Tory MP Andrew Rosindell's Facebook page.
Mr White said the Queen "milks this country for everything she can".
But what the BBC misses is that Labour hate the royals, their MP's have called for her to be stripped of power and for us to abolish the monarchy; now I have to admit that I am no great fan of them either. The death of Diana flew past in a tidal wave of almost total indifference to me, other than some rather bad taste text jokes; but that's another subject.

Many Labour MP's have spoken out against the monarchy, true not calling the Queen "vermin" but they would quite happy to see her homes nationalised and filled with unwashed Somali pirates who are all claiming political  asylum given half a chance.

Still this is a party that hides its plans, like opening the doors to hundreds of thousands of immigrants in order to make us multicultural, promising a vote on Europe and then denying us a vote and so on.

Then Peter is a member of a party that has utterly razed this nations finances, trampled over its age old freedoms, removed our rights, an given a choice between HM The Queen or Labour I will stick with the old German any day of the week.

Peter White a chap who takes a semen injection in every orifice from Labour party members, including bukake shots to the face, creamshots and shit loads in his mouth; the cunt.

2 people have spoken:

PJH said...

Mr White said the Queen "milks this country for everything she can".

While neglecting to mention that this is exactly what the vast majority of politicians have been doing over the past few years?

Fidothedog said...

Exactly like his boss McCyclops.