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Rt Hon. Alan Johnson MP, a picture says it all.

A odious little shitstain on the mattress of politics, a odious little craven coward unable and unwilling to stand up for the UK people, a vile creature more interested in petty trinkets and champagne socialism than doing his job.

So Alan did not bother to reply to any of the mails that he has been sent, like many of the filth in his government he thinks that the plebs are just there to be talked down to/issued tractorstats and not to be interacted with.

That's fine, he and the rest of the scum in this fag end government will see that the voters will hold them to account on election day.

A man who in the short time he has taken on the job of Home Sec. that he is as bad and possibly worse than the bovine faced, fat arsed, pie munching skank Jacqui Smith who held the post before him.

A chap who has overseen a prison system that lets 1 wrong prisoner out a week.
A chap who has bent over backwards to do nothing for Garry McKinnon.
A chap who can not be fucked to reply to several e-mails addressed to him in his role of Home Sec.
A chap who defends a man one day and deports him the next.

2 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

So how he is different from the rest of Labour and most of the other MPs who disgrace our Provincial EU backwater?

Fidothedog said...

No difference, I just singled him out for abuse and a pic of him with the word cunt on it.