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The Rt Hon Jane Kennedy MP, overpaid and spoilt tantrum throwing fuckwit.

Parliament has seen the first MP resign in protest at new rules on MP expenses introduced David Kelly last week: Source Here

Labour MP Jane Kennedy said she was neither "able nor willing" to work under the new rules mapped out in the Kelly Review last week.

Well good, so Jane is not happy is she. Oh fucking dear, how sad, never fucking mind.

The poor lamb gets paid £64 thousand quid a year, a wage that most people would kill for. Not only that she gets £400 a month food allowance, free travel, all her utility bills for on expenses as well as gold plated pension and a stonking great leaving allowance.

But all this is just not good enough, oh dear she will not be able to fuck over the taxpayers to the same degree that she did before, well fuck her.

If she is not happy, she can fuck the fuck off an don't let the door slam on her fat taxpayer funded arse on the way out. What a useless fucking skank, a total disgrace to her office.

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