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Rules are rules, the madness of Soviet Britain under the rule of New Labour filth.

You can't sell a few eggs without filling in tons of paperwork and keeping countless state funded non jobs in a job:
An expert in microbiology in her 60s was subjected to an interrogation by a Government health official after she tried to sell some eggs at her local village shop.
Susannah Eykyn was visited by a 'hen inspector' who taught her how to clean and weigh an egg and designated her kitchen as a 'packing station'.
The Defra official then donned a protective suit to inspect Mrs Eykyn's chicken house, before leaving her with a large amount of paperwork to fill in.
Mrs Eykyn, a professor in clinical micro-biology, said she was left 'bewildered' at the end of the three-hour interrogation.
She said: 'It does seem to be quite remarkable that for me to sell a few surplus eggs at the village stores I needed to be subjected to this utter nonsense.
Maybe she should barter them, or just tell the state to fuck the fuck off. But even when you follow the rules the New Labour state will fine you just to be petty, bloody minded and vindictive.
A retired headmaster had an £80 parking fine slapped on his car because his disabled parking permit had faded in the sun.
Harold Cadwallader, 87, did not realise that the record of his personal details had bleached on the card he leaves on the dashboard of his car.
He found the ticket on his windscreen when he left his Vauxhall Vectra in a disabled bay while he went to play his weekly game of bridge at a community centre.
This is what 12 years of Soviet style top down rule on the part of the vile Labour filth has given us, a snooper state where in order to do anything you need to follow the states rules.

Whilst all this happens Comrade Gordon allowed in millions of illegals jihadists and others from abroad and bribing them with benefits in order to re-elect Labour scum to the Commons.

Remember come polling day that this is a party that thinks you should have a license(and pay ever higher taxes) in order to buy a packet of cigarettes or to go for a beer.

A party who's leader has stated that single mothers should be shipped off to state run gulags.

Led by an unelected leader who it is claimed is taking lots of happy pills:  MAOIs - which stands for Mono Amine Oxidase Inhibitors - which are generally a last line of treatment for major depression, when other anti-depressant drugs have failed.

I see that Old Holborn has some more on how Labour think you are their property.

....The Police can now use to "capture" anyones fingerprints they want. All they have to do is stop you in the street. Mobile fingerprint scanners introduced

Then of course, if you use the word "fucking" in the context of telling a council official, on YOUR property, to mind his own business as in " 'Don't you tell me what I can and can't do in my own ****ing place.' will see you dragged off to the cells at after a dawn raid by Police, fingerprinted, DNA'ed and fined. No. 

Or if you are redecorating the house whilst pregnant, you will be reported to Social Services by the Police. No,Really

Or if you work for a power station, you are being asked by the Government to spy on the private lives of your coworkers, just in case they might be terrorists. No, really

Or every fucking phone call, email and website visited by me being hoovered up by the State "for my protection" (funny how Gordon squawked about privacy regading his phone call to a grieving Mum yesterday eh?). No, really

Or the fact that schools will now be logging every minutae of your childs behaviour under State guidlines. No,really

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

Most of the victims of this nonsense are likely to be Labours own.

Fidothedog said...

Indeed thats why they need to be informed, informed that Labour are utter scum.