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This deserves some mockery.

Spotted at Nanny Knows Best:
Preliminary Business
Notice of Presentation of Bill
[No debate]

Ann Coffey

Bill to require householders to fit a letter box guard if they are in possession of a dog; and for connected purposes.

Formal first reading: no debate or decision.
You can bet that the next step will be the councils using RIPA to check on people who have, or might have a dog. Then no matter how small or well trained said canine may be they will issue enforcement notices (as well as lots of fines) on the home owners to fit guards.

I wonder how long (if this becomes law) before the media has a story of the old lady who has an armed response unit of the plod descend on her sheltered housing complex for failure to fit a guard and thus keep Mr Postman's thieving fingers safe from the ravages of her blood thirsty chihuahua who could never get up to the letter box in a million years.

Said chihuahua dying in a hail of bullets after scaring the tooled up members of the plod, much like a certain Brazilian, followed by a statement by the police that they followed the "correct procedures".

Maybe Gordon & Co could set up a doggie ID card scheme, a dog DNA database if you will and push some utter tool of an MP as a "dog Czar"; maybe they could hand that to Kerry McCarthy? Oh and of course they will have to lose all the information on a flash drive at some later date.

Not that this is the first time MP's have had a go at matters dog related, leading to a rather shoddy act based on lurid tales in the tabloid press.

Talking of dogs, Ann Coffey MP also claimed £1,052 in furniture and bedding and £40 a month for a TV package in 2005. So nice to see that with all the infringements of our rights and liberties, the overpaid MP's find trivial matters to fill their tiny minds with.

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banned said...

I thought we were supposed to have eaten all the dogs to save the polar bears from drowning. I'm confused.

Fidothedog said...

Very true, still awaiting Southern Fried Poodle at my local cash an carry.