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Well said Sir Christopher Meyer

Who in a very polite and well worded way pointed out that chuckles Blair, the grinning jackanape was in fact inept, out for himself and not half as clever as Blair thought he was.

He laid into Blair's failure to "defend Britain's national interest" and his simultaneous failure to insist on much tougher conditions for his backing for President Bush.

Sir Chris expressed his view that Chuckles had secretly agreed to go to war at a meeting at the President's ranch in Crawford, Texas, in early 2002, saying:
“There was a large chunk of that time when no adviser was there. To this day I am not entirely clear what degree of convergence was, if you like, signed in blood at the Crawford ranch,” he said.
The bit that will sting and have Blair crying into his coffee is when he pointed out the demon of the left wing Maggie would've done it better. Ouch.
"I think she would have insisted on a clear, coherent diplomatic strategy, and I think she would have demanded the greatest clarity about what the heck happened if and when we remove Saddam.”
Looking forward to what Chuckles Blair has to say on this....

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