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What global warming story.

The former commies in Russia are covering the global warming cover up story.

Not a sodding peep on BBC News, little wonder that I refer to the BBC as BBC Pravda, a toothless New Labour mouthpiece with it's state funded lips firmly wrapped around Gordon Brown's flaccid cock.

An so a video...

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The Filthy Engineer said...

The Beeb have covered it. They had that well known climate change scientist Bianca Jagger expounding on it yesterday.


Ozzy said...

Meanwhile the lunatics are still in control:


Ron Russell said...

Its going to be a cold, cold winter the fur on my cat and the squirrels I shot the other day for the dinner table also had thick hair. Take take PETA and you global warming freaks. Just added you to my links at Obama Cartoons http://obamacartoon.blogspot.com and at TOTUS http://totus-blog.blogspot.com my primary blog. Thanks for linking to Obama Cartoons.