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Willie Bain wins on just one third of the electorate voting.

I see that hardly anyone bothered getting their arses out of the methadone clinics, pulling themselves out of piss stained doorways and putting down their bottles of Buckfast to bother voting.
That a shaven Labour rosette wearing chimp would win was a forgone conclusion. HM Govt would need to run out of money an stop paying giro's for Glasgow to kick out Labour; but and this is the point here for just 32% of the haggis munchers to bother turning up to vote is a fucking disgrace.
That more Iraqi's than folk in Glasgow can be bothered to vote is a sad day for democracy.

All I can say to those who do not vote is this, why did their ancestors go charging up the beaches in France to liberate Europe when they can not be fucked to defend those rights themselves? Yes, our politicians are from No.10 down to the parish council:evil, amoral, grafting, money stealing, expense fiddling scum who in the main deserve nothing more than a short drop from the gallows.

If you don't like them, don't be an apathetic cunt who switches off an cracks open another bag of smack, get the fuck out an vote else they will carry on being vile, amoral, grafting, money stealing, expense fiddling scum who in the main deserve nothing more than a short drop from the gallows sure in the knowledge that no one will remove them from the gravy train.
Still the unwashed piss stained trousered locals who could not give a fuck about democracy can go back to the deep fried mars bars.

Sometimes I really hate my fellow citizens and today is one of them.


4 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

I really am starting to get annoyed that I break my balls week in week out working for a living, knowing fine well that come election time M.P.s like Paul Flynn will run their scare stories amongst their own core vote, that a vote for anyone other than New Labour would see their giros reduced at once....... "Abracadabra" - he's returned to parliament, with his "Comfortable majority".

Whether they be drug addled scum or radical Islamists, New Labour voters are leeching the life from the rest of this fucking Nation. There's got to be something that we do to stop it, because New Labour are using the current system to tie a noose around everybody else's necks, for their own vile ideology.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Whilst I admit the turnout was poor it has been worse at elections in England and I am offended by the term "Haggis Munchers". You'll soon see who's munching what when the flow of oil money stops.

banned said...

I expect that it was raining.

Anonymous said...

Dark Lochnagar, I share your dismay at the term "Haggis Munchers".

I much prefer to refer to those north of Hadrian's Wall as porridge wogs.