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Ze state vill be searching you.

Dickk Puddlecote points out that the minions of the state will be looking into your activities
Drinkers in Mansfield are facing random drug tests before being allowed into the town's pubs and clubs.
Nottinghamshire police will take swabs to test for a range of drugs, including cocaine and cannabis, as part of the initiative.
And what happens if you refuse this rather illiberal action on the part of the state?
People who refuse the tests will be searched.
Obviously the old argument of nothing to fear, nothing to hide.
Licensing officer Dougie Gardner said the aim of the scheme was to curb late-night disorder and violence in the town.
Now you can't even sup a beer or three and forget the ever snooping presence of the uber-state. Just remember chaps, that one day we will be there with the hemp nooses and lamp posts; the list of your offences against us citizens is getting ever longer....

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