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Cyclops & bell end.

First up we have this fat lump Quentin Davies, who as a Defence Minister in McSnotty's government helped fuck up and over the Armed Forces.

And now it emerges that he's bottled on his claim for mending his fucking bell tower on his stately pile. 

Quentin stuck in a receipt for £20,700 for work on the "bell tower and lead gutter" of his second (stately) home, before withdrawing it – most enigmatically - 10 days after the Daily Telegraph began publishing expenses revelations in May.

"The bell tower is an integral part of the roof," fumed Davies in a tortuous, defensive statement, in which he declined to confirm suspicions the structure in question was made of ivory. "I decided to submit a claim for part of the cost of the roof repairs using the remainder of the relevant allowance available in that financial year…"... Look Quentin, how do I put this, oh yes I remember like this: "Your a cunt.".

Oh and Quentin Davies MP was convicted of animal cruelty, just in case anyone was wondering why I put a sheep in the picture.

In short he thought he could fuck over the voters, voters who elected a Tory and who fucked off to join Cyclops and who stands about as much chance of re-election to office under any party; as likely as a black man from Alabama has of becoming the Grand Wizard of the KKK.

Talking of Cyclops, our snot munching PM, figured he would bend us all over and fiscally fuck for work on his summerhouse. A spokesman for Mr Brown said the structure was more 'a building in his garden' which he used as a home office rather than a traditional summerhouse.

This is such a lie, as can be seen by the sodding picture. 
Thieving lying duplicitous Rt Hon. cunts, welcome to Troughligate 2.

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