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David Lammy, semi literate New Labour fuckwit.

Watch as he scores just 13 on Mastermind, although the truly scary point is not his low score, but the fact that he was elected as an MP to the House of Commons!? Just what sort of idiots voted for this fool...

Hat tip to Old Holborn for this clip.

I previously pointed out how dumb Lammy was here for his calls to re-establish slavery in the UK. A post which annoyed a certain fanboy of the Lammy and his one eye'd cock master.

3 people have spoken:

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Oh dear. Really did hit a nerve with Anonymong there. I wonder if it was Ellie...

Note how Lammy knows William Hague's drinking habits inside out yet is found horribly wanting when counting in positive sequence (single digits too, not even any big scary zeros, which he ought to be used to by now, given the schemes he seemingly supports).

Fidothedog said...

True, still come election day Lammy will be with all the other dim witted fuckers flipping burgers in the local KFC.

banned said...

Saw that at OH too, I was rubbish at the Mohamed Ali questions but scored 10+ in the general knowledge even though a bit pissed at the time.
This ignorant sickbag is really in charge of education ?