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Greg Dyke axe the license fee.

"Greg Dyke wants BBC license fee axed", sounds good I thought, at last some common sense:
"Greg Dyke, the former BBC director-general, has recommended the abolition of the licence fee after almost 90 years, in a report commissioned by David Cameron."
Alas it was not to be...
"The broadcaster should instead be funded directly by the state from taxation, argues the dossier, to be published by the Conservatives in the New Year. Dyke, who is chairing a panel of 12 senior industry figures, says this would save £100m in administrative costs."
No what is needed for the BBC to be weaned off the taxpayers teat, to take adverts and fund itself like other channels. The BBC a drain on the taxpayers to the tune of 3 billion quid plus.

Not that MP's despite what they say really give a toss about the license fee, as they all claim that back on expenses.

3 people have spoken:

Corrugated Soundbite said...

For my money, the BBC already runs enough trailers for its own shows to constitute ad breaks. I'd rather see them compete in the real world. Then they'd have to position themselves politically, otherwise Sky and ITV as a combo would simply trample them into the ground. And they know it, which is why they are shit scared.

banned said...

Could not agree more. The Beeb has been given a taxpayer funded worldwide Brand that should make it more than capapble of prospering in the real world.
Flog it off, preferably to Fox News.

General Taxation is not the way forward since a significant minority either cannot access its product ( BBC3/4/Internet ) or do not wish to.

Houdini said...

While I generally agree, this is a start, and I suspect Labour party manifesto spoiler and test of public opinion.

It is though a start.