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Grit the roads you bastards.

GOT has produced this little gem.

Abolutely spot on, the local councuntscill has legions of fucking staff, all sitting about in comfortable offices, viewing porn and playing bastard solitaire.

The town centre is relatively clear, but for those on the side roads or more than a hundred yards away, the view appears to be that we can all go fuck ourselves.

Getting any place is putting life an fucking limb at risk, I like ice skating as much as the next chap but sure as fuck don't wish to engage in it when ever I step outside my humble abode.

Not a sign of a gritting vehicle up my way, an you can bet that should we get a decent amount of snow later today or in the next few days the fuckers will not do shit.

Get the overpaid scum out of the offices, give them shovels and grit an clear the roads.

6 people have spoken:

LSP said...

Top rant - merry Christmas!

Oldrightie said...

As ever, LV, as ever!

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Heard a rumour most of our more "senior" local cuntcillors didn't even bother turning up this week. Suffice to say most of us plebs got to our work places, risking life and limb in the process, and for a hell of a lot less money too!

Fat useless cunts. Hope they have car crashes for Christmas.

Happy Christmas to (almost) everyone else though!

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Hope you have a good one Fido. Merry Christmas.

banned said...

Ha Ha, the Mayors fucking stretch limo crashed in the ice!

Round here it got well above freezing each day this past week and all was more or less normal in the afternoons yet it took until Wednesday to see the gritters in action against the early morning ice. Lazy cunts.
Late afternoon on Christmas Eve the radio announced that our glorious Loving Council have heroicaly ordered X000's tons more road-salt, dippy fucking dooo. If they hadn't been so in thrall to Met Office Warmongering we might not have run out in the first place.

Ian said...

Too bloody right, in Devon, the biggest road network in the UK and the least grit. Shame the bastards can still afford to employ, ethnic diversity officers and traveller and romany helpdesk operators. Hey ho Merry Xmas.