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Harridan Harperson misguided on unemployment.

She was whittering on PMQ's as McSnotty was unavailable, saying that unemployment had fallen and to listen to her one would assume that all was milk an honey in the socialist utopia under Labour.

Although no major change according to The Office of Tractorstats.

Might be worth her asking an advisor to get the correct figures.

2 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

This is why I am getting to detest the Tories as fucking mongs, and their blogging bunch of fucking cretinous cunt supporters.

Where is the outrage in the media over these unemployment figures? Why aren't they shouting how bad it is? Why aren't they pointing out how much worse it is considering the people on disability and employed by Brown and the Government, making the figures huge.

Where is the fucking outrage?

Nothing but a whimper. Poofs and sycophantic cock suckers the lot of them from Mrs Dale to that newly realised cunt Dizzy. Absolute pillocks trying to make politics all nice while Mandelson, Brown, Campbell and the rest lie their way to a good poll result.

Fidothedog said...

Fuck it, the country is cunted no matter what. All I hope is that we can get the current bunch of cunts out.