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Microshaft do it again. Windows 7 sucks and blows.

The Daily Mash gets it....
"MICROSOFT have admitted that some users of its new Windows 7 operating system have been confronted with the dreaded 'Black Screen of Paying £200 for Something That Doesn't Work'.

Users say the 'Black Screen of Falling For This Shit Again' appears shortly after start-up, followed by a ghostly image of Bill Gates cackling like a loon."
Now I own a PC and have a long and bitter fucking history with Microshaft, in my view an overrated company that produces shoddy bloatware and then takes the piss in two ways: Firstly they put out software that has not been tested in an efficient way and secondly they charge the Earth for it.

When Windows 7 came out, I was told that I had to upgrade and that it was the best thing since sliced bread etc etc. Thanks, but no thanks, being an unpaid beta tester is not on my list of things to do, or to be more accurate an unpaid beta tester who has opened up his wallet and paid Bill Gates for the privilege of being an unpaid beta tester.

Of course millions of people use their O/S and their products, mostly because everyone else is using them. The sheep effect I call it, people buy them as they use it in work or they see other folk using them.

Windows might get it right, in time, let them bring a few service patches/updates out first; much like the fun an games everyone had with XP when that came out.

Most people I know who have Excel never use it, Word gets relegated to the odd letter so why not replace it with http://www.openoffice.org/ (Its free as well)

As for Internet Explorer, fuck that bloated sack of bollocks, there are other browsers out there an every sodding one kicks it's arse.

Oh an run Linux on your system as a back up, just in case Microshaft fuck up again....

4 people have spoken:

Trident said...

Well said fido, blogged on this yesterday.

Just can't match your venom, sigh...

Budvar said...

Run linux as a back up? No, dump microshite alltogether and run ubuntu 9.10. It's stable, had no problems with any drivers, it's fast, and most of all it's free!! I can't praise it highly enough.

Anonymous said...

Tux lovers must accept the majority of (ab)users wants to run Windows. Sure Ubunutu is one of the best Linux distros but most users aren't interested in running anything that isn't Windows.

Simple fact, Windows 7 is one of the best versions of Windows ever. Vista sucked big time until SP1, but by then the damage had been done. Loads of work has been done under the hood as well as the front end to fix much of what was wrong with Vista.

You've got a valid point on pricing, especially since Microsoft has moved to a 3 year release cycle for new versions of Windows. They should have made it much cheaper in light of this change!

Fidothedog said...

Budvar, I would but sadly Windows has all the games. So in order to use them an other apps I need windows.

I have over the years had many woes off of Microshaft, so keep my contact with them to a minimum.

I use Firefox/Opera browsers, open software and even dumped the dire hotmail in favour of Gmail.

Once its had a few updates done, as anon points out it will be okay. But an this is the main point, every new week brings yet another security hole/threat and/or "undocumented feature".