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More big brother anti photo nonsense from the state.

The Indy reports.

Police have been accused of misusing powers granted under anti-terror legislation after a series of incidents, ranging from the innocuous to the bizarre, in which photographers were questioned by officers for taking innocent pictures of tourist destinations, landmarks and even a fish and chip shop.

Police are allowed to stop and search anyone in a designated "Section 44 authorisation" zone without having to give a reason. But amateur and professional photographers have complained that they are frequently being stopped and treated as potential terrorists on a reconnaissance mission. Last night the Government's independent reviewer of anti-terrorism laws warned police forces to carefully examine how they use the controversial legislation.

Speaking to The Independent, Lord Carlile of Berriew said: "The police have to be very careful about stopping people who are taking what I would call leisure photographs, and indeed professional photographers. The fact that someone is taking photographs is not prima facie a good reason for stop and search and is very far from raising suspicion. It is a matter of concern and the police will know that they have to look at this very carefully," he added.

Look, its about time that the police and the worthless waste of cash PCSO's realise that taking photo's in public is not a crime, you don't need permission, a permit or any approval in any way shape or form off of the state. 

I have written about this on the sidebar, with a load of links on what the rights of the public are and exactly what the police can and can not demand from you. 

The Indy mentions this http://photographernotaterrorist.org/ site but for some unknown reason did not put a handy link in.

2 people have spoken:

Brew Wales said...

From now on I will be taking photos of all Government buildings, starting in Newport with the passport office, ONS, etc. Let them stop me.

Fidothedog said...

Good point, off into town tomorrow so photo's shall be taken.