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Paul Clarke - 12 Month suspended sentence.

The local rag has the story:
A former soldier who faced five years in jail after finding a shotgun and handing it in to police will be spending Christmas at home.

Paul Clarke, 27, was given a 12-month suspended sentence for possession of a firearm at Reading Crown Court today.

So there you go, that is justice UK style. Find a gun and hand it in and the CPS take you to court after your arrested by the police. Not only that but in the eyes of the law, Mr Clarke is now a criminal.

What an utter waste of time, money and effort for prosecuting the crime of handing in a gun to the police.

Over to the Judge, Judge Critchlow continued: "I therefore consider a term of imprisonment must be imposed to mark the gravity of keeping such a weapon and not immediately surrendering it to the police.

"I understand you were once a soldier and you in particular ought to have appreciated the danger posed by such a weapon.

"You should have asked the police to come and collect it right away. **Hmmm based on the way the local plod have been acting, they may well have shot him.

"I find this was a strange matter, it may have been something to do with your previous involvement with the police, but that does not justify not giving immediate notice that you had such a weapon, and wanted them to have it."

Clarke was sentenced to a 12-month prison term, suspended for one year. He is also under curfew for one night from 8pm until 7am tomorrow morning (Saturday)....

Anyway I thought I would have a look online to see what I could spot on Judge Christopher Critchlow and I see that he is soft on violent assault, soft on arson and describes a child abuser as a good father. I see this is not the only time he has been soft on sex crimes. Oh and this chap got a lucky break when he appeared before Justice Critchlow, as he was soft again on a teacher who downloaded kiddie porn

Oh and if your a baby killer than hope that you get Justice Critchlow as you will only get 3 years. Same go's for this fraudster who escaped jail. Career criminals can also escape prison by getting this loopy Justice.

Maybe its time to overhaul the justice system and elect judges to their office.

3 people have spoken:

Ron Russell said...

Insanity, utter insanity! What you guys can't even have shotguns? I do understand that you do have great airguns however, with silencers. No silencers of any kind allowed over here. In a way thats good I want that SOB who's breaking into my house to hear the blast before he feels the lead burning into his chest. Yep, I'm a gun packing crazy redneck yank(perfer southerner)>

Fidothedog said...

It's the madness of New Labour and looney judges.

banned said...

There was something about him holding onto the gun for four days and a hint about a relationship with a WPC within the force. Dunno if that means anything.
Last week two robbers, who shot their victim dead, got sentenced to 34 years each. Hooray we shout, about time too.
But why not for baby-killers, torture murderers or feral hoodies who kick a dad to death ?

The two men sentenced to 34 years made the mistake of stealing from The State, in the form of the Post Office.