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Phil Woolas - Stupidity personified.

The political class really has some grade A arseholes, who if not reminded to breath in and out by an adviser would curl up and die; but Phil Woolas really has to be one of the fucking dumbest of the lot.

Phil Woolas, the Home Office Minister, has been condemned after he claimed immigration officials were''putting their lives on the line'' for the country.

Oh really, so whats the worst they get, a bit of verbal off of some irate "customer" who is told he/she has to fuck off home as they have overstayed on their visa? Hardly the same as getting ones limbs blown off in Iraq/Afghanistan.

Now I have not seen any immigration officials dodging bullets when raiding the abode of Baroness Scotlands illegal worker.

So far as I can see not a one has been blown up or suffered anything worse than a mild papercut when shuffling papers about the office. So no severed limbs there, or members of the immigration service suffering from post traumatic shock.

Then again, they unlike our troops don't have to pay for their own equipment, that is if the equipment is supplied to them at all rather than being left in some stores sodding thousands of miles away.

They don't have to live in slum housing, get told by shitty pub chains that their uniforms are not welcome or otherwise get the shit end of the stick off of every jumped up jobsworth with a clipboard and a small cock.

Still this should hardly come as a surprise as Woolas, like the rest of the vile evil cunts in his party hate the armed forces and have slashed their budget to the bone over the last 12 years; despite starting wars on sexed up dossiers.

Mind what can we expect from a party that is happy to use Gurkha troops in our wars, but then has a vote to try and stop ex-Gurkha servicemen from settling in the land that many of them died for. A vote thankfully defeated but I did list each and every self serving sack of shit who voted for that.

A party that has that tash wearing fucknut Bob Ainsworth, our so called Defence Minister running about doing sod all other than seeking to fuck over wounded soldiers; by taking them to court and attempting to reduce their injury payments. Yes a self serving expenses fiddling cuntmonkey of an MP who is attempting to deprive others of injury payments.

Phil should stick to claiming nappies on expenses and below he gets a well deserved pie to the face.

I have mentioned that insufferable cock Woolas more than a few times as he lurches from crisis to crisis.

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banned said...

Can I say Cunt on this site ? Yes ? Phil Woolyass is a Cunt.

Fidothedog said...

Oh yes, its not Paul Flynn's site which has comment control tighter than a former East German news outlet.