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Yet more police abuse of photographers.

Bloody hell, the plod really do not follow their own guidelines on people taking photo's in public.

Police banned a photographer from taking pictures of people on a jet ski and threatened to arrest him despite an officer admitting the images he had taken were perfectly lawful.

Keen photographer Garry Chinchen was left stunned when police threatened to arrest him yesterday for 'breach of the peace'.

Garry, who was using a Nikon D200 and 17-200mm lens, said his photo session had turned into a 'bit of a disaster'.

Garry had stopped in a lay-by after seeing a picture opportunity at Glyn Neath Lakes - a watersports centre adjacent to the A465 in South Wales....

On an on it go's. See the sidebar for some advice on taking snaps in public.
Oh an here are some handy tips if the police stop you.

An one more from Motorcycle News

The officers had been waiting in a lay-by on the A5 secretly watching thousands of riders heading to our meeting in Betws-y-Coed, a protest rally over North Wales Police's heavy-handed treatment of law-abiding motorcyclists. A marked patrol car was positioned further along the same route.

When questioned by MCN, the covert officers first claimed to be “monitoring traffic”. But when MCN produced a camera they said they were armed response officers and threatened to seize the camera if pictures were taken.

Asked under what powers the camera would be taken, an officer couldn’t answer and instead simply repeated his threat – so our man began recording the exchange.

The officer then said the side of the car could be photographed. But when our man quickly fired off a snap the officer snatched the camera, claiming he could be endangered.

He handed it back after our man persistently asked what powers it had been seized under.

3 people have spoken:

Brew Wales said...

BBC Pravda are running an advert between their programmes that features someone reporting on how they have stopped by the police for taking photos. Not that the BBC would report the problems in this country, the advert is about Zimbabwe!

Fidothedog said...

So we are right up there with ultra democratic nations like Rhodesia, Cecil Rhodes would be so very proud.

Bazaar said...

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