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Your History

Some well deserved mockery of the snot munching, economy wrecking, "world saving", likes it up the bum mono eye'd gurning PM Gordon "McWhere's me feckin pills" McBroon.


2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

My History, or His (You're, if you see what I mean) History?

Anyway, thanks for the clip - it was v amusing.

Ron Russell said...

Cute little video, PM Gordon doesn't seen to be too popular in some circles. I suppose he is just another big spending, lying liberal who is screwing the country just like our big spending, lying liberal who is screwing our country across the pond. You must have just as many dumb voters as we have or could it be that there are simply too many with their hands out waiting for the government to fill them! Politics appears to be the same everywhere.