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Cuts, no cuts, cuts, no cuts....Badger & Cyclops can not decide.

So we get this from the dubious badger haired Chancellor at No.11?

The chancellor has warned that Britain faces the toughest spending cuts in 20 years if Labour is re-elected.

Alistair Darling said prime minister Gordon Brown "accepts and knows" that reducing government borrowing was "never negotiable".

An yet just days before we get this from the snot laden mouth of Gordon
Declaring that Labour would fight "every inch of the way" for victory, Gordon Brown returned to a strategy of insisting that cutting public spending was not necessarily the way to tackle the deficit.
So essentially the Chancellor is issuing statements saying that we have blown the money, we will tax you even more and cut services; whilst McSnotty is still thinking that if he plants some magic beans he can have it away with the Giants gold.

The daft one eye'd fuckwit will probably sell that at a loss as well.

3 people have spoken:

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

They are shitting themselves because they know there will be no cuts, there will be destruction of British public provision of services. Education, Health, Care for the infirm and elderly, Defence, Policing everything. They've been sent to destroy the nation and are hoping to stagger to the GE before the apocalypse hits us.

Polaris said...

iThey really are the political Chuckle Brothers.

To you Ali, to me Gordy; to you, to me...

banned said...

"Britain faces the toughest spending cuts in 20 years if Labour is re-elected" Darlings price for not joining in lasts weeks coup.
Happily I do not currently depend on the State for much being healthy, employed, securely homed and childless though I do feel some pity for those who have become dependent upon state provision given their likely future.